What is When GOD Said NO about?

This book is about how God said "No" to my habitual, foolish tendencies to try to do it my way and how my journey with reading the Bible for myself enhanced my relationship with God. I set out to read the entire Bible because it was something I kept saying I was going to do for years and kept getting "busy." Surrendered by life interrupted - I reached the point of no return! It was clear...time to stop talking and start doing.

What seemed like a simple addition to my life (daily Bible reading) it turned into a life changing moment in which I became to know Jesus in a way I had not before in all my years of being saved. As a result of this journey with the Bible, God sparked the fire for me to share personal testimonies and experiences from others who believe in God.

Not wanting to leave you without a roadmap to staying on track; I have provided some tools that I benefited from in my journey with the Bible. In essence this book is about the importance of incorporating the word of God into your daily routine and feeling empowered as a result of it!

Is this Book for YOU?

Are you breathing? I know what you’re thinking…Every author thinks their book is for everyone and this one is - sort of, because we are all God's children!

Ideally, this book was written with believers of Christ in mind. Speaking to saved Christians who despite their love of Christ can’t seem to "get right" at times. Or for the spiritual folks who have been burned by the scrutiny of the church and are trying to figure out their next steps.

Well, I am here to tell you to keep pressing on and don’t let anyone steal your legacy!

When God Said No is also an encouragement for new believers, to keep their zest for Christ. It is an affirmation to the upredictable journey many Christians face once they let God work freely in their life.

It is a testament to those who believe in one God. But don’t let me tell you about it...

Read it and then share on YOUR TURN!


WGSN Preview - Chapter Three

I was birthed into the ABC network daytime Soap Operas. I say “birthed into” because I had no say in the matter; that was the channel of choice in my house.  My mother watched ABC Soaps so, by default, I watched it too. I was hooked into the characters’ animated and exciting lives. They lived in big homes, always looked fabulous and never seemed to age. They were like superheroes and villains who did not die, or victims you couldn’t help but yell at through the television in a futile attempt to guide them to find a cheating lover, a kidnapped loved one, or something else equally dramatic! With all that activity, I had no desire to learn about the characters’ lives on competing channels.

My long relationship with the daytime soaps dates back to Ryan’s Hope from the 1980’s. Ryan’s Hope was a 30 minute show that would kick-off the three one-hour dram shows that would follow. And, no, I didn’t skip school to watch, but these shows became another joy to add to the “fun list” during summer breaks. Then, we were able to record shows on the VCR; and I could keep up with the drama during the whole year. I faithfully followed the love twists of the legendary Erica Kane and “historic” moments like the return of Angie and Jessie (All My Children), the death of Megan (One life to Live), the never-ending Luke and Laura saga (General Hospital), and countless other storylines. Oh yeah, those were good times…

Yes, I was a fan! This affair lasted until I was around 19 and then it started to lose its allure. I began to question the story lines and it just didn’t make any sense to ask certain questions if you were going to enjoy watching them. Slowly my fascination phased out and missing an episode or two didn’t feel like such an intense loss. By the time I turned 20; I totally cut the relationship off and I’ve never looked back since.

I guess you are wondering what my love affair had to do with this book...

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When GOD Said NO

Just when YOU had Enough..

God becomes more real in our lives and it is in that moment that He is able to speak to our hearts!